Project "Library Items" for Blender

 What is the “Library Items”?

      At  first, before you`ll get an the answer, think if you ever had before difficulties finding material in any Blender file or creating makeshift library of objects with dozen folders. If you did, Library Items is your choice to overcome these problems.
      Our product is a standalone application that integrates with Blender using addons. Everything will be at hand now: you can move files into Blender with usual dragging selected items. Since Blender is cross-platform, the Library Items will also be available on WindowsLinux and Mac.

"Library Items" is always near!

No matter where you use Blender, at home or at work, with Library items you will always have access to your data. You will have access to the three types of libraries: local, global and user online.

 Local library - this library will be located on your computer.

 Onine user library - is a library that will store your items on the server but they do not don't necessarily have to be public.

 Global - is a global library, you can publish your data (items). You will be able to distribute items for free use or sell them.


Create, share, help!

Library Items - this is more than just a simple a library. You will be able to communicate with the other users, learn something new, as well as helping newcomers, creating manuals, or translating the manuals of the other. Library Items will support the following data types: materials with support for a variety of renderers, models, textures, scripts, addons, OSL shaders, HDRI images, and other...


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