Exclusive offer for companies till May,1.

- To whom this offer could be interesting?

If you are a company, with corporate site which has 3D models of your products (it could be furniture, interior or exterior details or any other models in high quality) and you would like to increase the demand for your products and boost sales, this is for you.

We are looking for partnerships with companies like yours, as we are currently creating a database of 3D objects on our platform. We will be glad to offer our feature set that will help increase the demand for your products and boost sales.

- Why should it draw your attention?

Each item will have a link to the relevant page on your website where the user will be able to purchase your product.

- This is free of charge for our partners.

At this time it's totally for free and we will do all the implementation ourself. We just need your permission to place your models to our library for further cooperation.

Please contact us if you would like to consider this offer and we will provide you with all the details and answer your questions.



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